The Time Capsule Collection "Stitched Magik" featuring Jeri Hilt

Roses & Hummingbirds teamed up with filmmaker/photographer/writer Jeri Hilt @jerihilt.

Oh, my!  It just came out so magical and amazing.  A few favorite pieces are very necessary to have.  Handcrafted with easy travel, fun, play and fashion, these pieces are timeless.

The Celestial & Ori handbags are a part of our time capsule collection.  All pieces are made to order and unique in their very own way. Adorned with semi-precious stones and handcrafted woven textiles, make it work for you!  Whether it be the uniqueness of the stitching, shape & mold of the construction or the natural markings of the leather hide itself, It will be yours to explore and experience.  We will keep you posted on more to come with Roses & Hummingbirds Time Capsule Collection "Stitch Magik".

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